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Why Sandy Hook Massacre Spawned Conspiracy Theories | LiveScience.


Fun Spammy email of the day

I often get spam from crazy people at work. But this one was particularly crazy so I thought I’d share. If you can make heads or tales out of this guy’s crazy rant, kudos to you.

Greetings USA President Barack Obama     Care of and attention for the people:

All Members  Secular Coalition for America  c/o Edwina Rogers, Executive Director

And all Associates/links

President Obama – I implore you “Do not go against yourself – for you will go against all others!” In over four years not once have you or you people acknowledged my pleading! The truth has carried me for over 25 years of imposed hell and will continue to carry me if  Laws have still meaning!

                                                                uhuman rights

As the world’s most powerful person I am pleading again with you and all receivers of this information to claim the facts from the International Criminal Court; Re: ICC- OTP-CR-922/09 – Rome Statute Crimes against humanity. The International Criminal Court is well informed that Canadian Authorities have deliberately withheld vital facts for the greater good of services to humanity since 1987 and that my pleading for the verification of the unchangeable truth was always met with threats to be silent and repeated assaults on my life.  Although I am not important – my actions are! Should I perish – documentation will proof that Canadian Authorities will have killed me for obeying the laws and giving steadfast testimony to divine interventions for the greater good of services to humanity!

The hard truth remains:    i.e. 1987 revelation: “In Reverse

Documentation is self evident that a higher power intervened through the most helpless children within the Autism spectrum to ease human suffering – giving humanity insight in all encompassing and infinitely wise ways only God is capable of foretelling so precisely 25 years in advance. Example: “one person’s total and unconditionally protected professional/criminal arrogance on cost of the entire world” (Interpret: REVERSE meaning) Only the claimed truth will reveal why the authentication needs to be done through international co-operation for the sake of the Canadian people and 100 of thousands of people worldwide who chose deliberate ignorance  towards the verification of facts.

President Barack Obama:  According to the code of international human obligations – as the world`s most powerful person – you must claim the truth from the International Criminal Court for the greater good of services to the entire world. You have the power to bring about world peace and the easing of human suffering by sharing the unchangeable truth with ALL people. If you will not claim the truth for humanity’s sake Osama bin Laden i.e. will emerge as a martyr or even a hero; consequently history will expose you as the world’s present most powerful person that turned his back on God, his country, all natural and historical laws and who betrayed all of humanity. The choice is yours to make – you have free will!


President Barack Obama and all receivers of this information – please hold me accountable for my actions in the International Criminal Court and do not continue to choose deliberate ignorance! Documentation since 1987 clearly proofs that God has not forsaken the people – but human arrogance has! The truth is unchangeable!

Luise Iantorno, f-born and raised catholic in Germany

BC, Canada, December 27.2012   C: to whom this concerns January 15.2013


IFC (all addressees omitted from O. Jan.2.13 And all Member Representatives and Faith Groups,     

My story in a nutshell is as follows:  (3x filed charges in the Supreme Court of BC – unacknowledged)

  • In retrospect documentation will proof that all about me points to a calling –
  • I had a stroke /small but sharp discharge in the left temporal.  Expressive language processing difficulties is only one aspect of the many consequences
  • The BC school system hired me a special education aide without absolutely no training or specific education  and the BC Ministry for Social Services hired me as a respite care home for severe cases
  • I was assigned to children within the Autism spectrum  in classroom settings (beginning of integration)
  • Within a few month I realized what I had in common with 100s of children: i.e. retrieving information
  • I sought help from a psychologist to help me understand the underlying causes – I did not hide this fact from my employers
  • What happened from then on is all documented and is impossible to explain without the authentication of all the many mysterious but all now scientifically factual supernatural interventions which began after the professionally induced heart attack.
  • Without the supernatural interventions – I would not be alive today. The abuse of power and authority I encountered was mild in compare to what I witnessed being done to helpless children!
  • I pleaded and begged with knowledge I compiled in my 1992 medical paper for the protection of children teachers and parents (the BC College of Physicians & Surgeons did not dare to dismiss the facts and then BC Premier M.H. acknowledged that my issues are addressed i.e. by the Criminal Code
  • No matter where I turned for help – I was degraded, ignored, discriminated, libelled, etc. etc. – I was repeatedly threatened to keep silent since there was professional child abuse involved – . My conscience didn’t let me – eventually the BC school system had me arrested for insubordination to be silent – I was stripped of my livelihood etc…………………………….
  • This 1992 medical paper and all divine interventions /facts  are as pertinent today as they were in 1992 since they deal with the biological principal holistically – and proven origins for i.e. causes for the various degrees of autism, metabolic syndrome or heart and stroke diseases etc.etc.
  • In conclusion – all documentation encompasses i.e. all taught universities’ subjects
  • The verification of facts i.e. will bring about changes in the Law that psychological integrity deserves the same protection as physical integrity does – or
  • The aims of all religions are covered –  (i.e. Can. Charter recognizes that God is Supreme)

I can go on and on but the interpretation of all documentation and “divine interventions for humanity’s sake in all none judgemental and infinitely wise encompassing ways” needs to happen through international co-operation for the protection of the Canadian People. In November of 2011 Simon Fraser University in cahoots with the RCMP and Fraser Health staged an enforced disappearance against me without being allowed any kind of assistance! They assaulted me daily for 3 weeks for insubordination to be silent and tried to break me. I was threatened not to come to the attention of the authorities again!

Like I stated in my letter to US President Obama “I am not important but my actions are”. Unless I perish on hand from Canadian Authorities I will not be silenced until the “divine interventions” are verified!  As foretold in 1987 “I have paid a high price for giving steadfast testimony “– but Canada will not strip me of my integrity.

Please – all receivers of this information for the people – claim the truth!  World peace can be a reality by sharing the truth with all people!

Stephen Colbert Shows How Absurd It Is To Blame Video Games For Violence.

Digital and Nontraditional: Breaking Down Ouya, Steam Box, And Other New Wave Systems from

“Aside from a built-in timer to get out of the bathtub, the ability for hands and feet to wrinkle after prolonged exposure to water may confer additional (and much more useful) evolutionary advantage. Research suggests that wrinkled palmar and plantar surfaces act as “tire treads” and allow for heightened grip in wet environments.

This function would have been useful to our ancestors, who may have spent a considerable amount of time in the water, trying to grasp fish for dinner. In a controlled experiment, the group that had soaked their hands prior to the experiment, resulting in wrinkled fingers, were able to perform underwater dexterity tasks more efficiently than the group that did not have.

Though the constriction of the skin in wet environments was previously thought to be the result of osmosis, it is now understood to be a function of the autonomic nervous system: the system responsible for involuntary functions such as digestion, breathing, and heart rate. Individuals with nerve damage to the hands and feet are often incapable of getting wrinkly skin in response to water.

The obvious question then becomes: “Why don’t we always have wrinkled hands?” Scientists hypothesize that the reduction in fingertip sensitivity when wrinkled is too costly, and the ability to adjust based on environment is a much better advantage.”

For more information:

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Study finds Fox News viewers more misinformed than non-news watchers – Detroit liberal |

The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational.

Gravity Rush (PS Vita) Review

Gravity Rush is definitely a game you should have if/when you own a PS Vita. The gameplay is fun and the game overall is pretty compelling.

1. Did it live up to the pre-launch hype reasonably?
-IGN hyped the crap out of this game before it launched then voiced disappointment upon release. While it definitely is not a system seller (it doesnt have the branding or big ads to back it up) it is one of the best games available on the system. I would arguably say this and Uncharted are the two best available as of right now.

2. How was the plot/story elements?
-Gravity Rush is a bit reminiscent  of anime in some regards. The animation style definitely looks anime-ish, the main character (Kat) definitely acts a bit like a stereotypical anime female hero, and there it is just generally a very Japanese story and setting. The plot is good but not fantastic; however it kept me engrossed in the game the whole time.

3. Was it just a multiplayer cash-in or was it built with quality?
-There is no multiplayer component other than challenge score comparisons. It is a game that was built with care, definitely not shovelware.

4. Graphics
-The anime-type art style is done very well. I really liked it.

5. Sound
-The music is well done and so is the general audio; however Kat’s voice in battle can sometimes get a bit annoying.

Score? On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 9.

Gaming Reviews

I have decided that I will begin rating video games that I play across various platforms. It will be based on a simple rubric, as seen below. The goal will not be objectivity, I will grade them as I feel they deserve – based on my tastes and preferences.


1. Did it live up to the pre-launch hype reasonably?

2. How was the plot/story elements?

3. Was it just a multiplayer cash-in or was it built with quality?

4. Graphics

5. Sound

6. Multiplayer Component (if applicable)


I will base the scale in a 1-10 manner, 10 being the best score.

EXCLUSIVE: Review Of Bay’s Failed ‘Ninja Turtles’ |

Do you want to hear how bad the script for Michael Bay’s massacre of the TMNT universe is? Well here you go!