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Stephen Colbert Shows How Absurd It Is To Blame Video Games For Violence.

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Gravity Rush (PS Vita) Review

Gravity Rush is definitely a game you should have if/when you own a PS Vita. The gameplay is fun and the game overall is pretty compelling.

1. Did it live up to the pre-launch hype reasonably?
-IGN hyped the crap out of this game before it launched then voiced disappointment upon release. While it definitely is not a system seller (it doesnt have the branding or big ads to back it up) it is one of the best games available on the system. I would arguably say this and Uncharted are the two best available as of right now.

2. How was the plot/story elements?
-Gravity Rush is a bit reminiscent  of anime in some regards. The animation style definitely looks anime-ish, the main character (Kat) definitely acts a bit like a stereotypical anime female hero, and there it is just generally a very Japanese story and setting. The plot is good but not fantastic; however it kept me engrossed in the game the whole time.

3. Was it just a multiplayer cash-in or was it built with quality?
-There is no multiplayer component other than challenge score comparisons. It is a game that was built with care, definitely not shovelware.

4. Graphics
-The anime-type art style is done very well. I really liked it.

5. Sound
-The music is well done and so is the general audio; however Kat’s voice in battle can sometimes get a bit annoying.

Score? On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 9.

Gaming Reviews

I have decided that I will begin rating video games that I play across various platforms. It will be based on a simple rubric, as seen below. The goal will not be objectivity, I will grade them as I feel they deserve – based on my tastes and preferences.


1. Did it live up to the pre-launch hype reasonably?

2. How was the plot/story elements?

3. Was it just a multiplayer cash-in or was it built with quality?

4. Graphics

5. Sound

6. Multiplayer Component (if applicable)


I will base the scale in a 1-10 manner, 10 being the best score.

The Subscription MMO Is Dead.

It seems to me WoW is the only sustainable pay-to-play MMO that still exists. The market is too flooded to sustain others. Who want to pay several $15/month charges?

STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic™ II on Steam.

Knights of the Old Republic II is now on Steam! Before you buy, make sure to download the mod at here.  The mod is the result of years of work by die hard fans to restore vast amounts of content that was cut to make the original release date.
So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

I am a Gamer


I am a gamer, I have too many different lives

The Humble Bundle for Android 3 (pay what you want and help charity).

Humble Bundle is an awesome way of supporting Indie developers and charities. These games are playable on PC as well as Android devices. I encourage you wholeheartedly to support it!