Gravity Rush is definitely a game you should have if/when you own a PS Vita. The gameplay is fun and the game overall is pretty compelling.

1. Did it live up to the pre-launch hype reasonably?
-IGN hyped the crap out of this game before it launched then voiced disappointment upon release. While it definitely is not a system seller (it doesnt have the branding or big ads to back it up) it is one of the best games available on the system. I would arguably say this and Uncharted are the two best available as of right now.

2. How was the plot/story elements?
-Gravity Rush is a bit reminiscent  of anime in some regards. The animation style definitely looks anime-ish, the main character (Kat) definitely acts a bit like a stereotypical anime female hero, and there it is just generally a very Japanese story and setting. The plot is good but not fantastic; however it kept me engrossed in the game the whole time.

3. Was it just a multiplayer cash-in or was it built with quality?
-There is no multiplayer component other than challenge score comparisons. It is a game that was built with care, definitely not shovelware.

4. Graphics
-The anime-type art style is done very well. I really liked it.

5. Sound
-The music is well done and so is the general audio; however Kat’s voice in battle can sometimes get a bit annoying.

Score? On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 9.