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EXCLUSIVE: Review Of Bay’s Failed ‘Ninja Turtles’ |

Do you want to hear how bad the script for Michael Bay’s massacre of the TMNT universe is? Well here you go!


The Subscription MMO Is Dead.

It seems to me WoW is the only sustainable pay-to-play MMO that still exists. The market is too flooded to sustain others. Who want to pay several $15/month charges?

Atheist Summer Camp Is Heaven on Earth for Nonbelievers – ABC News.

Great article on Camp Quest

STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic™ II on Steam.

Knights of the Old Republic II is now on Steam! Before you buy, make sure to download the mod at here.  The mod is the result of years of work by die hard fans to restore vast amounts of content that was cut to make the original release date.
So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

NASA Names Mars Curiosity Landing Site After Ray Bradbury – IGN.

What a great and fitting tribute to great Sci-Fi author Ray Bradbury

Professors Making $10,000 a Year? Academia Becoming a Profession Only the Elite Can Afford | Alternet.

just another reason American academia sucks. If there is no money then there is no incentive for our best and brightest to take such jobs

Savannah Dietrich, 17-Year-Old Sexual Assault Victim, Ruined Attacker’s Life, Lawyer Says.

WTF is wrong with people? Oh lets cry for the poor rapist who doesn’t deserve to have attention focused on him. Waaah waaaah

College Rankings 2012: Least Rigorous Schools (Photos) – Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

I just graduated from Ohio State. Im surprised to see it at number 12 here

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader –

Great article on Jerry DeWitt, recent pastor turned atheist.

I am a Gamer


I am a gamer, I have too many different lives