Look, people are sensitive about their faiths, sometimes overly sensitive, which is sometimes warranted. I commonly post articles and links which challenge certain beliefs and structures within Islam and Christianity. I’m also commonly accused of openly insulting people by doing so, which is just factually wrong. I criticize the concept not the individual.

I think an example would be great to illustrate this. If i were to say that “I do not like the war in Afghanistan, I hate it and it needs to stop”, this does NOT say anything about an individual, it only applies to the concept of the War in Afghanistan, it does NOT apply to Bush, Cheney, Obama, all democrats, or all republicans. Period. If you think that statement somehow is an attack on a person or group of people than you need to stop and think about that. Just as when I state that “radical Christian beliefs are responsible for the recent Norwegian tragedy” it is not an attack on ANY individuals, it is a criticism of fundamentalist or radical christian belief structures.

When I compare christianity to other religions and mythologies, it is also not an attack on anyone. That would be called comparative religions. Comparing the Judeo-Christian-Islamic god to Zeus or Mithra or Osiris is not an attack on anyone or anything. If you are a believer in any of these gods, it does not matter, they can still be critically compared and talked about. There is no insult insinuated anywhere in the language.

Yes, the Norwegian shooter was a christian radical, that is plain and simple from his own manifesto. He was a terrorist, the term does not only apply to Muslims. It is not an attack or insult on christians anywhere to say this man had radical beliefs that were a product of his religion, it is a criticism of the concept, not of any individual. It can be hard to accept that your world view and belief system can produce such terrible things, but it must be admitted so that people of that tradition or world view can condemn it and change it to avoid such future issues.

If you think of something I have not covered here that you think I need to respond to, tell me. I will make the claim that I never blanket insult any believers in any religious faith or tradition. Please try to prove me wrong so that I can show that I do not.