Marilyn Davenport, a Tea Party member who sits on the Republican Party central committee of Orange County, California, recently emailed a photo of Obama and his parents as monkeys. The photo is below and the article this is from can be found here.

Should I point out how completely inappropriate this is for a member of California’s political system to be sending out such a picture? It is very obviously overtly racist, not to mention not funny in the slightest. I have been saying for a while now how racist, xenophobic, and homophobic the tea party is and this is only more proof of that. While you may say that she isn’t a major player on the national stage and therefore doe not represent the tea party as a whole, I ask you to consider politicians like Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, or Michele Bachman. This is no worse than inflammatory statements made by these leading politicians in the “movement”. I often consider myself to be conservative politically but these people do not represent anything I stand for or support. In fact they represent everything that is antithetical to me as an American.

Back to the main subject.  Ms. Davenport claims that she did not know depicting a black man as a monkey was racist. Really? If you are that out of touch with American society and taboos then you do not belong in the political system at all. Anyway,  I very much doubt her excuse. Throughout American history, black Americans have been depicted as monkeys and therefore inferior to the white population. This still goes on, all one has to do is listen to the KKK on the news occasionally or any other racist pig in the country. It is very obviously a very low racist insult that has no place in our political system. I do not like Obama’s politics but even so I do not make ad hominem attacks on him, his family, or his ethnicity.

There is no excuse for issues like this and we as a people should not be giving political space to bigots and racists. It is demeaning to America’s image and it is demeaning to us as a people. If you want to be racist then fine, do it in the privacy of your home. But as soon as you introduce it into the public political system then you have no place in it. This is not helpful to society, nor is it helpful in a political discourse. If you want to be a public figure, then do it responsibly and represent your town, state, and nation proudly as a mature, caring adult.