Recently several journalists and others in the American and European public eye have questioned whether we should be celebrating Osama Bin Laden’s death. A reason that the author of this Wall Street Journal article states is that we shouldn’t celebrate because al Qaeda is still around as a threat with or without their beloved leader. This is just utter crap, this is the man responsible for putting all the plans in motion to get the world to the point it is at today. His planning and support of the 9/11 hijackers caused thousands of innocent deaths, including those of Muslims and Arabs who had been in the World Trade Center. His actions leading up to that day galvanized a global movement and support movement  for radical Islam like we have never seen in the history of this planet. The man is a monster, if I had the choice, I would have wanted his body dragged through New York City while having people destroy it in any way possible. Had Hitler been killed midway through WWII, we damn well would have celebrated his death despite the fact that Nazi Germany would have still been a threat to us.

His death then gave rise to the fiasco over what was to be done with the body. In its effort to give him a “proper” Islamic burial, the White House pretty much angered everyone that they were trying to appease. Moderate Muslims around the world shouted that Bin Laden did not deserve a proper Islamic burial because his actions during his life proved that he was not a real Muslim. Meanwhile, radical Muslims, such as the Taliban and Hamas, claimed that a sea burial was not a proper burial after all and that the US had disrespected his body on purpose. It seems no one on the Islamic side was pleased. But now we have to deal with people in this country who need a conspiracy around every event that happens. Now these people are saying we never killed him or that he died a while ago and Obama made it up as a ploy. I’m not even sure how to respond to these people. I’m not remotely close to the biggest fan of Obama, but I can use politics to show my dislike for him without making stuff up. There is a reason we did not release the pictures, because it would be seen as even more disrespectful and taken as an insult. We saw this when the military released pictures of Saddam Hussein after his capture, it only caused more anger at the US.

Also as a side note, I believe Obama deserves very little credit for Bin Laden’s death. It was not Obama who collected years of intelligence nor was it he who infiltrated the mansion and carried out the mission. He merely authorized the strike after seeing the evidence. I believe this would have happened regardless of the sitting president at the time. This is not an insult aimed at Obama, I would say this regardless of the president or political party at the time. Giving the OK order does not qualify you to take credit and I actually do not believe he has, it is the media who is reflecting all the credit back upon him.