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Barack Trek: Into Darkness – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 05/13/13 – Video Clip | Comedy Central.


Just Some of the Stupid Things Ray Comfort Says | The Barking Atheist.

This is why I continue to love Jon Stewart. Unlike most Liberals, he is more than willing to call Obama out on his BS and lying on a fairly normal basis.

Watch: Jon Stewart Grills Obama on Guantanamo | Alternet.

This is a great read. America is great at one thing (other than in prison population) and that is warmongering for almost our entire existence as a nation.


A brief history of U.S. imperialism | The Screeching Kettle.

great insights into the matter

Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars

In the process of preparing for my talk about the historical Jesus and the Jesus myth hypothesis, I considered bringing up the difficulty in talking about the subject in an academic setting. Since there is a preponderance of Christians in this area, and they believe in a historical Jesus, which also is at the base of their religious convictions, then that can produce a bias. But that seemed a bit of an ad hominem and a genetic fallacy. But perhaps I should reconsider.

As I have been alerted by Neil Godfrey, who links to an article in the Irish Sun, there has been a significant event in the life of Thomas Brodie. As I had mentioned in my book review of his autobiography, he came out in public for the first time on the side of Jesus being a myth and the Gospels all being fictions. He also…

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U.S. Income Inequality Higher Than Roman Empire’s Levels: Study. This is kinda startling, especially to someone so learned in Roman history as me.

Apparently those of us that support “civil activism, individual freedoms and self-government” are violent, according to West Point

via West Point center cites dangers of ‘far right’ in U.S. – Washington Times.

The Escapist : The Death of Mario.

Where are the 2012 Doomers? | Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars.